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Domain Renewal Scams

Friday, October 1, 2021

Every year, we are contacted by customers to verify their domain renewal is with Factor 360, and not with other service providers such as Internet Domain Name Services. 

The bills received will look legit. They will list your domain and correct renewal date. Usually they will state that it's "URGENT". Most will have small print stating that it is a solicitation, but some do not. Some will even pose as Factor 360.

But beware, they are trying to trick you into paying their fee which is usually around $150 to $250 (10 times the going rate) and they will try to initiate a transfer of your domain over to them.  

If you fall for this scam, you will have unknowingly agreed to transfer your domain to an unscrupulous provider and your website and email could go offline. registrar should report it to the Consumer Safety Division at DCI and contact your bank to try to cancel the payment. 

If you receive a letter like this, you can clearly just throw the letter away. Or if you want to make sure, please contact us directly to confirm if it is a fake solicitation. We will look up your account and verify if we are managing your domain renewals for you. 


Categories: Technical Tips