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National Donut Day Giveaway

Friday, June 5, 2015

Today is National Donut Day!

The staff at Factor 360 believes that donuts go hand-in-hand with our beloved coffee. If you were to stop in the office you would likely find a few left (if you're early). They make us so happy we want to celebrate and offer you the chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to The Donut Shop in Pierre.

History from Wikipedia: It all started on June 7, 1938 when a young military doctor by the name of Morgan Pett was sent to a military base. On his way there he stopped at a bakery and picked up 8 dozen donuts. When he arrived at the base he started helping many wounded soldiers, and would give them a free doughnut. One man he helped was a Lieutenant General by the name of Samuel Geary. Samuel Geary greatly appreciated the help on his leg, and the donut (as he was a very comical man) so he decided to make a fund raiser with Morgan Pett to give every wounded soldier, and the needy a donut.

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